When we last left Henry Miller and Charles Lux, they had successfully formed the foundation of their partnership…

It was fortunate that Henry Miller and Charles Lux became associated.  While each was totally different, they successfully fulfilled the needs of the partnership.  Miller was aggressive and combative when necessary.  Lux was friendly and easygoing as a rule; however, he was known as a sharp trader, land speculator, and a deal maker not opposed to skirting the law.

 In the division of the business, the outside work fell to the younger man, Miller, while the administration and city work received the attention of the older man, Lux.  Henry should have been impressed with the easy manner in which Lux was able to obtain money and credit to expand their business.  Miller disliked city life and enjoyed the rough life of the country, so he handled the general day to day operation of the business.  It is not surprising that under these circumstances that the partnership lasted for nearly thirty years without any serious differences between the two men.

Apart from their partnership, the two men had little in common, even though they were related by marriage on two occasions. Miller once said, “There is no similarity between Lux and myself—not in sympathy nor in view nor nothing.”  Henry apparently never recognized Lux’s share in the success of the partnership.  Once he was so ill mannered as to say, “I have made three fortunes.  One for myself, one for my partner, and one for my lawyers.”

I hope that you enjoyed reading about Henry Miller and Charles Lux partnership and how they were so different from one another.

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